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credit cards

Sensible Cinema uses DataCap Systems' NETePay processing platform compatible with virtually any processor for credit card, gift card and loyalty programs fully integrated in its Sensible Cinema Terminal software. This fully-encrypted, EMV and contactless supported integration is Out-Of-Scope of PCI Compliance for a payment application, reducing your risk as a merchant of experiencing a data breach exposing cardholder data. Choose one of our preferred processors and get all product support and updates free!

Bring your own processor for a moderate monthly fee and board virtually any U.S. based bank.

Sensible Cinema Partner Processors

Get all Sensible Cinema product support and software updates FREE when processing with one of our partners below!


Bring Your Own Processor


A Sensible Cinema Support Plan is required when using any processing platform. Support is included for one year with every new Sensible Cinema Software purchase. Thereafter, Sensible Cinema Support is $29.13/mo. The combined cost for "Bring Your Own Processing"  @ $29.13/mo + Sensible Cinema Support Plan @ $29.13/mo is $58.25/month.


Both the $29.13 gateway fee and the $29.13 support fee are waived when using one of our partner processors.

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