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reserved seating

Sensible Reserved Seating will permit your customers to purchase exactly the seats they want before entering the auditorium.  With reserved seating you will be able to maximize the number of patrons per showing, which has become especially important after retrofitting theaters with recliners reducing your overall seating capacity.  


Sensible Terminal and Sensible Kiosk have an algorithm to prevent seat selections which may cause single seats to go unsold. The Sensible Terminal will permit an override of this function by the boxoffice cashier. Five of our ticket styles support reserved seating Row Letters and Seat Numbers.


You can add Reserved Seating capability to your Sensible Cinema Software license for only $100 per screen with no recurring license fees... ever!  Sensible Cinema Reserved Seating is supported at the Sensible Terminal, Sensible Kiosk and with Sensible Cinema/Jacro TaPoS Internet Ticketing. Download Seating Map Planner.


What you'll need:  

1)  Seat Labels showing letter for row and number for seats.

2)  Customer facing Touch Screen or Non-Touch Screen LCD display monitor.

3)  Sensible Cinema Reserved Seating License Upgrade.

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