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sensible kiosk

Sensible Kiosk Ticketing software can be installed on standalone kiosk hardware of your choice or licensed in addition to an existing terminal client  station, enabling the theater to use an existing PC, touch screen, printer and chip reader or credit card PIN Pad. Do you have a ticketing window you rarely ever use? Turn it all around for self-service use! Great for nights with one cashier as a backup when she gets an unexpected rush. Want to have a live cashier? Turn it around and use the traditional terminal. 

Sensible Kiosk Ticketing accepts payments using credit cards, gift cards and Exhibitor Benefits FlexSpend™ cards. It can be customized with a "Welcome" screen image and a "Thank You" screen image and a choice of three ticket styles. Accepts chip cards. Choice of credit card device: Verifone VX-805 PIN Pad with swipe, chip and contactless or the IDTech Augusta Chip Reader which supports swipe and chip.

Theaters with an optional license for reserved seating will also have a seat selection screen appear after ticket type selection on any feature for which reserved seating is enabled.

  • Theatres can customize background colors to match their decor.

  • Patron can pay using credit card, gift card or loyalty program card

  • Advance tickets may be allowed for any maximum number of days

  • Quick Chip technology permits nearly immediate card in/card out removal of card from chip reader

  • Use any touch screen hardware or order a customized podium kiosk

  • Reserved Seating Optional License Available


Standalone Podium Kiosk Hardware

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