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support options

Support Contact Info


Support Phone Number: 
(615) 799-6366


The following are required at the problem computer when calling for support:


  • Internet Access (1.5 Mbps minimum download speed)

  • Telephone

  • Physical Keyboard


Support Fee Schedule


Basic Annual Support:



$0 per year for Qualifying Worldpay Integrated Payments, EVO Payments, and Heartland Merchants

$349 per year

Basic Seasonal Drive-In Support: 

$0 per season for Qualifying Worldpay Integrated Payments, EVO Payments, and Heartland Merchants

$175 per season


Essential Support Plan Features:

● Unlimited* emergency support for your licensed product with a priority 3-hour guaranteed after-hours callback to sites within the U.S. Whatever it takes to get you back up and selling even on nights and weekends. If reinstallation of the server software, is required, or NETePay and/or re-networking is required, an additional flat $150 charge will apply to all systems out of warranty or not purchased from Sensible Cinema after one yearly no charge re-installation incident. 


● Full Web Site access to full-installer software downloads, program updates, drivers for supported peripherals, white papers, an up-to-date user guide .PDF


● Support for reporting and other non-emergency matters during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Central Time. This includes help with feature setup, playdate creation, reports, eBOR transmittal, sign info generator, LMS/TMS schedule export, cloud backup, etc. 

● E-mail support for non-emergency matters

● Software updates and upgrades including installation support by appointment


Standard Rate $60 per hour, minimum charge $60. Additional hours charged in 1/4 hour increments. Standard Rate Per-Incident support is available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Central Time.  (Night and weekend support is $90/hour/$90 minimum for theatres not in year one of using Sensible, without a current support plan or without a qualifying merchant processor relationship.)


Bring Your Own Payment Processor:

$699 per year

(Seasonal drive-in merchants $58.25 per operating month).


Not all features of Sensible Cinema are supported by all merchant processors. Please consult with us prior to signing a new contract. Additional charges may apply for DataCap NETePay software rental by your bank depending on the processing bank or ISO. Sensible Cinema can sell you a DataCap NETePay license but our preferred processors (EVO, Worldpay and Heartland) provide it for their customers. Most merchant processors support gift, but moving to a new processor may require additional costs moving gift or loyalty card data.

Most branded merchant services providers use one of these back-end processors:

BB&T Merchant Services

Chase Paymentech



Electronic Payments

Electronic Merchant Systems

EVO Payment Systems


Global Payments

Heartland Payment Systems (a Global Company)

Integrity Merchant Solutions


Moneris Solutions


Worldpay (an FIS company)

Complete DataCap Systems  NETePay supported providers list

Non-Software Support:  

$60 per hour, one hour minimum charge (business hours)

subsequent time charged in quarter hour increments

Set up password protected file sharing, troubleshoot and repair computer issues not related to the Sensible Cinema Software program. Correct registry errors, printer problems, operating system errors, disk errors, video problems, touch driver issues and problems with security software.

Sensible Manager Re-Installation Support:  

$150 flat

Setup Sensible Manager on a new server computer, Setup password protected sharing, make changes to Local Security policy, All application required operating system prerequsites, including power save and network interface card settings, setup security client software, create firewall exceptions, re-network existing terminal clients, re-install and deploy of DataCap NETePay, set up sign info generator or other schedule export software. Appointment preferred. (No charge when required after warranty repairs of items purchased from Sensible Cinema Software or on new hardware purchased through us.)



Sensible Terminal Re-Installation Support: 

$75 flat        

Setup Sensible Terminal on a new customer provided computer or one which has a new or reformatted hard drive. Setup of network interface card power settings, connection to password protected shared data folder on network server, printer, cash drawer, customer display, credit card merchant account and secure credit card device, user account setup following payment card industry guidelines for payment application data security standards. Appointment preferred. (No charge when required after warranty repairs of items purchased from Sensible Cinema Software or on new hardware purchased through us.)

Peripheral Support:  

$30 per device

Setup printer, cash drawer or customer display not purchased from Sensible Cinema.

Virus and Spyware Removal:  

Sensible Cinema does not provide these services nor can it work on systems infected with viruses or spyware except to recover data.  

If your system is infected with ransomware, we can sometimes recover data before you clean the machine then once you have re-installed Windows, we can re-install our program and restore your data.  Data recovery and reinstallation of Sensible Cinema due to ransomware is not included in our support plans and are charged as all other re-installation support.




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