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Traditional Thermal Tickets

Sensible Cinema folded tickets work with Boca, Practical Automation and Datamax S-Class printers which are programmed for the Friendly Ghost Language (FGL). Tickets measure 3 1/4"w x 2" h and come out of the printer width ways saving considerable time printing. Printers are available in several speeds, with and without automatic cutters. Both printers and ticket stock are available in the Sensible Cinema Web Store.

Sensible Cinema receipt style tickets work with any ESC/POS language receipt printer (80mm or 3 1/8 width rolls) like the Epson TM-Series printers and Bixolon SRP-350 line. The flexibility in length lets us offer several styles of these tickets. These include single piece tickets, three styles of stub-style tickets and a drive-in theatre ticket showing all vehicle occupants on one receipt with room for concession specials, a management disclaimer and coming attractions. Printers and paper are available in the Sensible Cinema Web Store.

Legacy 2" x 4" Ticket

Receipt Style Thermal Tickets

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