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Major Concession Features

●      120 On-Screen Color-Customizable Buttons (2 pages of 60 buttons each)

●      9880 “PLU” Items that can also be tied to individual screen button items as add-ons

●      Up to 20 modifiers, suggestions and add-ons for each primary menu item

●      Combos: Buttons may be configured to ring up to 5 items simultaneously

●      Barcode Support for items with a printed SKU number - Scan your candy, chips and bottled drinks!

●      Combination ticket and concession sales terminal

●      Management lock-out of voids and Voided Item Reports

●      Kitchen Ticket feature allows dual numbered receipts printed for customer and to kitchen printer

●      Four tax rates

●      Include Sales Tax and Back Out Nightly or Add sales tax to each sale as rung up

●      Filter sales by terminal or by cashier name

●      Daily and weekly item sales breakdown

●      Separate full-featured inventory and yields software

●      Integrated credit card, gift and loyalty processing

●      Dollar valued coupon redemption



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