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version 4.5x



AVAST Business Antivirus may block the database update process causing the update to have errors when running. Create an exception it AVAST to skip checking C:\Sensible Database.


Sensible Cinema Software

Box Office for Windows


Cumulative Update 4.5.1

(from Version 4.0 or Later only)

Approx. 96.8 MB

November 27, 2023

Theaters with current support plans or who are processing credit cards through Sensible Terminal can schedule a free installation of this update. Please email to schedule.​

You MUST install this update on your server FIRST then restart Sensible Manager to automatically update the database. All client computers should be logged out of Sensible Cinema until the database update is completed.

Click the user guide image at the right to download the latest available user guide. Be patient. This is a large PDF file.

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